Wendi Young

President/CEO @ Triverity Labs

The Importance of Analytical Testing

[Day 2]
Theme: How important is it to test cannabinoid products? What value does it add? Do I need stability studies? Why do I get different results from different labs? Find out answers to these questions and understand what questions to ask your lab. Wendi Young provides her insights and expertise as she guides you through the regulatory landscape

Wendi Young, President and CEO of Triverity Laboratories, is an analytical chemist with 17 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry while at Tolmar Inc. She moved to Mile High Labs in February 2019 to take up a role as VP of Regulatory and Compliance before setting up Triverity Laboratories in late 2020. Wendi had struggled to find a lab capable of accurately testing cannabinoid products while at Mile High and Triverity was created to fill this gap. Wendi is a quality control professional with extensive experience in R&D, QC and regulatory activities. She has provided opinion pieces to industry-specific publications and met with regulators across the globe to advocate for CBD regulations and oversight. Wendi is a trusted voice for regulations and compliance and presented to the FDA in Washington D.C., the European Parliament in Brussels and the Mexican government.