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Founder @ Potyque

Potyque the Story So Far....

Theme: How Potyque came to be, with my personal story. The reasons why the newly regulated CBD marketplace don’t phase us and where we see the brand going.

Personal Information

Michelle’s background was heavily influenced by the importance of patient care through her links in both the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, placing the patient at the heart of everything she did. Having spent over 20 years working in the pharmaceutical industry, Michelle always had a deep-rooted interest in anything to do with medicine, supplements and new treatments. As time went on, Michelle became increasingly intrigued in how CBD worked and the different types available and having tried quite a few, she realised that not all CBD products are created equal. Michelle believed passionately that creating a premium CBD oil was the right thing to do, and as such, Potyque was born.

Potyque is a premium plant-based wellness brand, based on honesty and integrity, using only the finest biodynamic hemp.

In addition, Michelle also runs a successful Customer Experience consultancy, which enables her to link the importance of giving her Potyque customers the best experience they should have when engaging with her brand.

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