Mags Houston

Head of Project Twenty21
Drug Science

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[Friday 22nd]
Theme: Did you know that cannabis is legal? Despite medical cannabis being legal for over 3 years, many people in the UK remain unaware that this medicine is available to them and more affordable than you might think. Mags will discuss the innovative real-world study being conducted by Drug Science which aims to gather enough data to influence NHS prescribing guidelines so more people can access treatment for free in the future.

Personal Information

As Head of Project Twenty21, Mags is the operational lead for Drug Science’s medical cannabis observational study, helping to raise awareness amongst patients and prescribers, build more evidence by attracting more patients and prescribers to actively join the project, and educate the public about the growing evidence surrounding medical cannabis for treating a range of conditions. Alongside her role on T21, she volunteers for Heroic Hearts Project UK, a not-for-profit that helps veterans suffering with PTSD by providing retreats and education in psychedelic therapy. She also curates and hosts events for The Psychedelic Society (UK) around drug policy, psychedelic science and mental health treatment. Mags’mission is to shift the mainstream narrative around drugs by helping to provide education and challenging UK drug policy, so that therapies and medicines that are currently not accessible to patients might be made available on the NHS and prescribed to the people who desperately need them.

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