Les Cash

Head of Business

Global CBD Oil Market

[22nd April]
Theme: - Trends and forecasts

Personal Information

As Head of Sales for one of the UK’s leading CBD Brand’s – Orange County CBD,
Les is an award-winning sales and business development expert, with more
than three decades of experience across several industries including CBD,
health and wellness, and cosmetics, giving him a unique insight into what
makes the CBD market tick. From the moment he joined the sector in 2020, Les
oversaw massive growth, by intuitively knowing which products would be
highly marketability, what areas where most popular and were future
opportunities lay.

Les brings unique perspectives gained from his rugby referee experience to
Orange County CBD, challenging sales teams to leverage their focus and pay
attention to both the customers current and future needs, while also
encouraging collaboration, and empowering individuals to unleash their
untapped potential. All of which, enables Orange County CBD to continue their
agenda of producing award-winning innovations.


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