Laura Walton

MOi + ME Ltd


[Saturday 23rd ]
Theme: Women in Cannabis

Laura founded MOi + ME with her business partner Catherine, after discovering CBD and working in the industry. Our premium pure CBD range, which is infused with powerful, beneficial ingredients known for their health benefits fit easily into a daily self-care + love routine Laura’s personal journey led her on her mission to help support others who suffer with chronic pain & anxiety. After years of suffering with female health and then losing her Mom suddenly, anxiety struck but Laura knew she had to make it her mission to try to make difference with natural products. With our name inspired by busy modern lifestyles that often leave individuals feeling like they have “One Soul, Two Minds” – The “MOi” side thriving externally while the other “ME” side which feels tired and worn out. Our range of ‘moments’ give your MOi that all important ‘ME’ time that is so easily forgotten. Life is all about balance, a good self-care + love routine.