Jonathan Hartshorn

CEO @ Satipharm

CBD Science vs. Fiction – claims, compliance and clarity

Theme: A review of the current trends in CBD products - the claims, the clinical trials and the latest developments in advanced formulations. Where cannabinoid formulations are now and where they’re heading.

Jonathan Hartshorn is the CEO of Satipharm, a medical, health and wellness company focussed on delivering the most effective formulations and highest quality cannabinoid-based products for both food supplements and prescription cannabis medicines. He has led the development, patenting and successful clinical trialing of Satipharm’s unique, advanced formulations. Mr Hartshorn holds a degree in Pharmacology and Physiology and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He has over 20 years of experience in the life sciences arena, including discovery, development, clinical trials, OTC and GSL retail experience. He has previously held key leadership positions in Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Ireland, McNeil Healthcare and Venn Life Sciences Plc. Satipharm is a member of the Cann Group, the established, ethical leader in Australia’s emerging medical cannabis industry