Hidde Siers

International Commercial Manager @ Plagron

Keynotes by John

[Friday 22nd April ]
16:30pm - 17:0opm
Theme: The commercial cannabis market is growing rapidly and the rules of the gane are constantly in progress. People entering this market on different levels and positions in the supply chain will need to look further than their existing networks when they want to be in a healthy business position now and tomorrow. Many examples in our day-to-day practice support the thought that we need to put much more effort in our professional networks.

Hidde is an experienced grow expert and business developer who started his professional career as a police officer. This unique combination of police skills and fascination for growing form the basis of his broad perspective on the cbd business. In this highly dynamic world with changing laws, innovations and powershifts he will always keep an eye on what really counts in the end: human interest. Today, he is involved with production facilities around the globe as an advisor and brother in arms. Representing Plagron, manufacturer of premium plant nutrients in Holland, Hidde just loves to connect people with dreams to the people who make dreams come true. 

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