Dave Hanson

Founder @ Precision Plant molecules

Why Minor Cannabinoids? Beyond CBD: CBN, CBC, CBDA, T9CV, CBxyz!

[22rd April ]
Theme: Why are minor and rare cannabinoids isolates used as ingredients in the spotlight? What do they do? Are they natural? Intoxicating? What do regulators say? Are they THC-free? Successful consumer products need to be effective, innovative and show distinctive cannabinoid profiles with labeling showing # of mgs per serving size of the bioactive ingredients.
David Hanson, co-founder and President of Precision Plant Molecules (PPM), recruited a group
of talented organic chemists with cannabinoid chemistry experience in 2018. PPM is now the
global leader in the production of minor and rare cannabinoids to be used as bioactive
ingredients in health and wellness, medicinal, and lifestyle choices markets. PPM’s team of
advanced-degreed scientists with pharmaceutical and university backgrounds have over 100
years of chemistry and plant medicine experience.
David’s primary responsibilities include relationships with industry-leading companies,
organization chart, strategy, and business development.
For over three decades, David has started and venture invested in industries ranging from food
processing to cybersecurity. David has been a lead board member on numerous private boards
for enterprises with sales of $1 million to over $1 billion. David is a founding partner of
Lynwood Capital Partners and has a dual degree from Yale University in economics and
mechanical engineering.