Annu Chadda

Una Patches
Founder @ Una Patches
Una Patches

CBD Patches: The Unsung Hero?

[April 23rd ]
15:10 - 15:40
Theme: Daring to be different Una Patches focuses on one type of CBD product: CBD patches. Annu, Medicinal Chemist and Founder of Una Patches, will delve into the science behind CBD patches and other CBD consumption methods, focussing on the unique benefits of a patch and why they are the unsung hero of CBD. Find out why not all CBD products are the same and explore which may be right for you.

Annu is a Medicinal Chemist by training, graduating from the University of Leeds (MChem, BSc). She has had a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry where she combined her passions for healthcare and science with business. Annu founded Una Patches when she saw a gap in the market for a unique product with a truly sustainable focus. Una Patches are proud to be the first Climate Positive CBD Brand and Product. Their innovative approach saw them win ‘Best CBD Brand’ at the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards in 2021, a few months after launching.