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CBD Botanical Seltzers – OTO

OTO drinks director, Tom Lorimer, talks about our brand new OTO CBD Botanical Seltzers and why you should be excited.



s OTO’s drinks director it may come as no surprise that I do enjoy the occasional tipple. But with ever growing concerns over alcohol consumption and a demand for healthier alternatives I find daily satisfaction in working for a brand that’s part of the solution. 

That’s why I’m so pleased to share with you the exciting launch of our brand new CBD Botanical Seltzers.


Whether it’s been the meteoric rise of Seedlip and other alcohol-free spirits or the opening of BrewDog’s first alcohol-free bar, the ‘nolo’ market for alcohol alternatives is on the up-and-up.

This trend is well-documented and we have seen no and low alcohol products come to market for several years now. At OTO, we always knew this was a space we wanted to be part of. Indeed, CBD is also a great alternative to alcohol as it can help contribute to relaxing and unwinding, whilst feeling more present and in the moment. Whether it’s celebrating the start of the weekend with that Friday evening cocktail or bringing drinks along to a BBQ, we wanted to develop the best CBD drinks out there for all occasions.

We’ve had superb traction with our halo product – the world’s first CBD Bitters – which not only delivers a rich, floral and zesty flavour boost for cocktails, but also provides an impressive 20mg of CBD in just a few dashes. And at £79 for a bottle and lasting over 100 serves, it’s no wonder that it’s become one of our best-selling OTO products yet.


Off the back of our OTO Bitters’ booming trade and consumer following, we knew there was so much more we could still do with CBD. 

As the market was getting crowded with on-the-go CBD infused soft drinks, we saw an opportunity to keep raising the bar. You see, our mission at OTO from the start has always been to ‘design thoughtful and effective products that easily and enjoyably fit into your daily lives’.

So our product director, Dr Ketan Joshi, started tinkering away in the OTO lab to bring you the best CBD infused sparkling water…

It’s taken months of work and product development from the whole team to launch not one, but three new drinks, within the backdrop of partial lockdown and remote working. I’m so proud of the team. What a result! 

And if the flavour wasn’t enough, here is why we are excited with these incredible Botanical Seltzers:

  • there is an OTOStrength™ measure of 25mg of pure CBD per can, so you can enjoy up to 3 a day
  • they are made entirely with 100% natural Ayurvedic botanical extracts
    we worked hard to avoid any artificial flavours or preservatives
  • they’re also completely guilt-free with absolutely zero sugar was a talk by Curt Cronin about teams and leadership. Based on his ex
  • There are always plenty of great talks – I focus mostly on FullSTK and binate.io as a developer.


Available in 3 carefully and thoughtfully designed flavours, our new CBD Botanical Seltzers are very much a sophisticated, adult drink. We blended only the best botanicals to achieve subtle yet complex flavour profiles, great to sip ice-cold or experiment with when mixing ‘mindful’ cocktails.

As with all of our OTO products, we combined the highest quality natural ingredients and adaptogens to complement our OTOStrength™ pure CBD to fit different moods and moments throughout the day:


For centering your thoughts and bringing the day into FOCUS

With a light yet revitalising blend of wild Korean sencha tea, fresh mint and kampot pepper spice


AMPLIFY shared moments to feel brighter, more alert and fully energised…

With the subtle fruit flavours of bitter orange and goji berry, blended with the gentle heat of hand-picked habanero chillies.


Bring BALANCE to your day when needed…

With the soothing, sweet and refreshing combination of English elderflower, fresh cucumber and a hint of liquorice.

Not sure which one you prefer? You can try all three with our CBD Botanical Discovery Pack’.

PS: a little tip from me, for the perfect garnish, use a mint sprig for Focus, an orange slice for Amplify and a cucumber wheel for Balance.

“When developing all our products, but specifically the seltzers, we tick the five OTO boxes of sight, smell, flavour, experience and after-taste. Each of the range brings all these together to deliver a truly game-changing product.” 

– Dr Ketan Joshi

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